Mindfulness Facials

Ginger&me have created a true skin and mind treatment experience.

Studies prove there is a direct correlation between the skin and how it reacts to our emotions. Feelings of anxiety, negative thoughts and attitude lead to a multitude of skin issues.

Our skin is a clear indicator of our physical and emotional health.

Ginger&me Mindfulness Sessions are committed to supporting mental health, positive self-talk and leaving you with a sense of self-worth.

This treatment is designed to hydrate, nourish and nurture the skin whilst stimulating positive feelings and emotions.

When the mask is applied in this facial, so are the headphones, taking you through an empowering mindfulness journey!

Mindfulness Signature Facial:

60 mins $129


A wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental wellbeing. An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive, and you being empowered.


Mindfulness Advanced Facial Treatment: 

90 mins $189


The creme de la creme experience, incorporating non invasive yet super effective protocols to support the ultimate skin journey, while empowering a healthy state of mind. Includes LED which helps cellular activity, creating collagen and elastin and reducing inflammation. This treatment also includes a pomegranate enzyme peel to enliven your skin. THE ultimate journey you deserve x