Corrective Skin Treatments

O COSMEDICS is a results-driven skin care range that is chemical free, containing 85% active ingredients designed to get resultsThe peel off mask is the O Cosmedics signature corrective mask infused with skin-correction peptides and anti-inflammatory actives

ENTRY-LEVEL Corrective Treatment:  

Pomegranate or Pumpkin 

40 mins                           $118

60 mins                           $138

NEXT-LEVEL Corrective Treatment:

40 mins                           $134

60 mins                           $159

Bio-White Peptide:

A burst of Vitamin C and A straight into the skin. great for brightening the skin and age-spots.


Papaya, pumpkin & pomegranate enzymes to suit all skin types

Catalyst Retinol: 

Pure retinol, helps with pigmentation and photo-damaged skin

Alpha Beta: 

Great treatment for photo-damaged skin & acne


Add $20 to any Corrective Treatment to include neck  OR decollatage

Luxurious Skin Recovery

NEUROCOSMEDICS a member of the InSkin family), concentrates on repairing compromised skin by nourishing, hydrating and calming your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. This blend of botanicals is free from a long list of nasty chemicals, and will take you on a sensory journey !


30 mins                           $75

60 mins                           $108


60 mins                           $129

Gently exfoliates, soothes and brings radiance to dull and textured skin. Contains potent exfoliating enzymes of pineapple and papaya, offering anti-inflammatory and brightening properties.


Includes face, shoulder and scalp massage,.


60 mins                           $129

This ultimate multi-tasking triple action exfoliation peel offers a superior rate of gentle exfoliation, suitable for all skins: pigmented textured, acneic, dehydrated and fine lines.

Includes face, shoulder and scalp massage.