Corrective Skin Treatments

O COSMEDICS is a results-driven skin care range that is chemical free, containing 85% active ingredients designed to get results


The peel off mask is the O Cosmedics signature corrective mask

infused with skin-correction peptides and anti-inflammatory actives

ENTRY-LEVEL Corrective Treatment:  

Pomegranate or Pumpkin 


40 mins                           $118

60 mins                           $138


NEXT-LEVEL Corrective Treatment:

Bio-White / Oxygenating / Catalyst Retinol / Alpha Beta


40 mins                           $134

60 mins                           $159


( Add $20 to any Corrective Treatment to include neck  OR decollatage)

Luxurious Skin Recovery

NEUROCOSMEDICS (a new addition to the InSkin family), concentrates on repairing compromised skin by nourishing, hydrating and calming your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties


This blend of botanicals is free from a long list of nasty chemicals, and will take you on a sensory journey !

Skin Booster:       

30 mins     $75

Deluxe Facial:     

60 mins     $108

(Add 20 Minutes of LED to any facial $40)