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Corrective Skin Treatments

O COSMEDICS is a results-driven skin care range that is chemical free, containing 85% active ingredients designed to get resultsThe peel off mask is the O Cosmedics signature corrective mask infused with skin-correction peptides and anti-inflammatory actives

ENTRY-LEVEL Corrective Treatment:  

Pomegranate or Pumpkin 

40 mins                           $125

60 mins                           $145

NEXT-LEVEL Corrective Treatment:

40 mins                           $141

60 mins                           $162

Bio-White Peptide:

A burst of Vitamin C and A straight into the skin. great for brightening the skin and age-spots.


Papaya, pumpkin & pomegranate enzymes to suit all skin types

Catalyst Retinol: 

Pure retinol, helps with pigmentation and photo-damaged skin

Alpha Beta: 

Great treatment for photo-damaged skin & acne


Add $25 to any Corrective Treatment to include neck  OR decollatage


Luxurious Skin Recovery

NEUROCOSMEDICS a member of the InSkin family), concentrates on repairing compromised skin by nourishing, hydrating and calming your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. This blend of botanicals is free from a long list of nasty chemicals, and will take you on a sensory journey !


30 mins                           $83

60 mins                           $120


60 mins                           $137

Gently exfoliates, soothes and brings radiance to dull and textured skin. Contains potent exfoliating enzymes of pineapple and papaya, offering anti-inflammatory and brightening properties.


Includes face, shoulder and scalp massage,.


60 mins                           $137

This ultimate multi-tasking triple action exfoliation peel offers a superior rate of gentle exfoliation, suitable for all skins: pigmented textured, acneic, dehydrated and fine lines.

Includes face, shoulder and scalp massage.

Mindfulness Facials

Mindfulness Facial

Ginger&me have created a true skin and mind treatment experience.

Studies prove there is a direct correlation between the skin and how it reacts to our emotions. Feelings of anxiety, negative thoughts and attitude lead to a multitude of skin issues.

Our skin is a clear indicator of our physical and emotional health.

Ginger&me Mindfulness Sessions are committed to supporting mental health, positive self-talk and leaving you with a sense of self-worth.

This treatment is designed to hydrate, nourish and nurture the skin whilst stimulating positive feelings and emotions.

When the mask is applied in this facial, so are the headphones, taking you through an empowering mindfulness journey!

Mindfulness Signature Facial:

60 mins $143


A wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental wellbeing. An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive, and you being empowered.


Mindfulness Advanced Facial Treatment: 

90 mins $194


The creme de la creme experience, incorporating non invasive yet super effective protocols to support the ultimate skin journey, while empowering a healthy state of mind. Includes LED which helps cellular activity, creating collagen and elastin and reducing inflammation. This treatment also includes a pomegranate enzyme peel to enliven your skin. THE ultimate journey you deserve x

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