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Cosmetic tattooing (micropigmentation) is an easy, hygienic and safe way to draw attention to features that are naturally outstanding eg. lips, eyes, eyebrows.


Cosmetic tattooing also has a lasting natural finish that can be suited to your individual style and required outcome, and of course decrease your day-to-day makeup routine.


Debra Miller is WA's leading micropigmentation specialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry.















Heaven's Beauty has had the pleasure of welcoming Debra into our salon once every month for the last 7 years ...

book your complimentary consult today!


See Debra's webpage for before and after photos and for more information about her services.


*Enquire about beauty spot restoration, aereola restoration, epidermal levelling (epiblade)



Cosmetic Micro-pigmentation



  • Intensify eye’s shape

  • Capture the colour of your eyes

  • Enhance lashes to appear thicker and longer

  • Decrease your day-to-day make-up routine


$390 1st appointment

$280 2nd appointment (top up 1 month later)





  • Rebuild, define and reshape the lips

  • Enhance the appearance

  • Give lips a lining and even out the shape

  • Colour the lips to look fuller

  • Available in a range of colours to suit


$780 1st appointment (full lip colour)

$280 2nd appointment (top up 1 month later)





  • Add thickness to your brow

  • Add shape back into your brow

  • Strengthen and enhance the colour

  • Achieves a natural finish


$390 1st appointment

$280 2nd appointment (top up 1 month later)



Cosmetic  Micro-pigmentation

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